Between Sexual Desire and Reality

Between Sexual Desire and Reality

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This book introduces the entire spectrum of sexual issues – the desires, pleasures, problems and disorders. The information is based on systematic national sex surveys and other reliable national and international sources of information on sexual patterns and values. Findings in Finland are compared to sex surveys in ten European countries. The surveys make it possible to summarize the evolution in sexual desire and activity in Finland during the last 40 years and in sexual initiation even as far back as the 1940s.

The book also presents a number of sexological theories which provide different frameworks for assessing the origin of sexual desire and variations in sexual patterns. It addresses verified sexual problems and disorders within the framework of available sexual counseling and treatment methods.

The results of this study reveal several sexual mysteries. These include persistent and sizable gender differences in sexual desire, decreasing frequency of sexual intercourse, a significant increase in masturbation and difficulties attaining sexual pleasure in the 2000s. Liberal sexual attitudes have gained more support among the general public, but unfaithfulness is less tolerated than ever before. This intolerance is much more striking in Finland than in other comparable European countries. Sexual relationships are evolving toward a renaissance of romanticism. 

Osmo Kontula: Between Sexual Desire and Reality: The Evolution of Sex in Finland. Publications of The Population Research Institute, D 49/2009. 253 p. ISBN 978-952-226-025-3 (nid.) ISBN 978-952-226-026-0 (PDF). 253 pages.

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